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People say that “Time Heals All Wounds”. Usually it does But this time it doesn’t. ]

Since you became cold and distant to me after that one conversation, there won’t be a day thinking of the possible reasons why you suddenly treat me like I am no longer a friend,.

You left us without telling us why. We became friends (that’s what you are to me) because of our passion and mission. However, for what it seems to be a misunderstanding, you suddenly left without saying anything.

I am hurting because I feel like I was not given a chance to explain for whatever I did wrong which I still don’t know until know.

I don’t know until when will I stop thinking about our friendship.

We miss you already. I hope you talk to us again.


Looking Back

It has been 1 year, since I took the big leap. You can see the story here. And, I just wanted to look back to see where I am now and where I want to be in the future. I think it is important to do this once in a while to see how blessed you are. So here’s what I found out.

In just 1 year,

1. I have met lots of wonderful people not just Japanese or Filipino, but also from other countries like America, France, Australia, etc.


Bowling with my Gaba Family

2. I have learned new technologies like PHP, Classic ASP, ASP.NET, Javascript etc. (So many to mention)


Zend Framework!

3. There is no day that passed by that I didn’t smile in the office.


Hanami during our Lunch Break @ Yoyogi Koen

4. I have been sharing my knowledge in Computer to other Filipinos here in Japan by teaching them the basics of computer.

Giving a presentation about our organization

Showing how to use MS Powerpoint

5. Together with 6 other business-minded people, we were able to put up an organization (soon to be company) here in Japan.

6. I have gained weight (maybe because of stress-free life) but I am now going to the gym at least 3x a week so I now have a healthier lifestyle.

7. We’ve moved to wider and more beautiful but cheaper house (means more savings for us!) in a wonderful city called Urayasu City (just 5km from Disney land)



8. I have been a little bit more active in the church and volunteered as a lector.

9. I did a workshop for other Filipinos about Goal Setting and Time Management and got a heartwarming feedback from the participant.


10. I am currently organizing a seminar about Investment for other Filipinos. The speakers are known and famous mentors in our Country.

11. I baked my first shortbread cookies for Valentines


12. I took Project Management Course at Temple University Japan


And so many more….

By just looking at my accomplishments, changes and blessings above, I have never been proud of myself of taking that big leap last year. So, if you are constantly complaining about your stressful life, you have a choice. And, you have to make that choice to be HAPPY like me!

Enjoy life


More pictures….



Purikura with friends



The majestic Mt. Fuji



Tour with hubby



My Farewell Party with my Kyocera Family


My High School Friends


UPLB Housemates


Coron, Palawan Tour


Karaoke with my good friends here in Japan


Birthday boy and girl!


Birthday presents from my friends in the church


Philippine Fiesta at Yamashita Park


My collection of cacti! I have 7 now

Enjoying Life

“Life is too good to waste it on blaming other people for what happened to you and ur life! Stand up, move on and learn from it”. That’s how I think how life should be enjoyed. I can’t still forget the lesson I learned from Tuesday’s with Morrie, it’s ok to cry, to be angry because your a human but you need to know how to stand up and move on from your fall. It’s the lessons that you have learn from your fall that make you a better person. So cheer up and start looking to your life positively!


Best Month of the Year

I think my favorite month of the year is December. It is the month I always look forward to first because of Christmas; second it is the month wherein many take leave from their work so they can spend it with their family; third because it is the end of the year so you’re always looking forward to the start of the new year. Or, simply because it is the month wherein I can spend it with my family and friends.

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I am always find reading newspaper or watching news interesting although I am not very good with names and dates. I just update myself with the happenings in the world especially the interesting discoveries. Usually I know the stories but cannot remember the exact dates or names of the persons involve.

It has become one of my habits to check news at least 2x a day from my iphone. Before, I only get my news from the news paper or of course from TV. But, as I get older and when the technology is getting better and better, I just switched to using the internet to read news from the website of the popular tv news shows. And now with the smartphone, reading news is never been convenient and better. I created a shortcut to google news homepage to my iphone and every time I want to update myself with the current news and events, I just tap on the google news icon and it will open the browser to display the news from my selected countries and categories. I wonder how I will checking the news in the future?

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I can still remember the days when I was so stressed because of working too much, no social life, lack of sleep and unhealthy diet. No time for doing something else aside from my work also added to the cause of my stress. There were so many things that I missed in life because of that. Until I realize that there is still a way to get out of that environment.

It all started when a recruiter from one of my dream companies here in Japan sent me an e-mail about the opportunity in their company to work there as a Software Engineer and invited me for an interview. I instantly said “yes!” of course. I was interviewed thrice but failed due to lack of experience. They were looking for experts and sad to say I’m more of a generalist (jack of all trades master of none) type of person. Although I still consider it an advantage for me since it is really easier for me to adapt and learn new things, there are of course downside of it like getting a new job since most of the companies are looking for “experts”.

At first I was depressed and disappointed of myself for being a generalist, but then as they passes by I realized that maybe it’s not what “God” wants for me. Maybe He has something better for me. So, I decided to do my best at my workplace everyday, and acquire everything that I can learn from it since I didn’t have time to learn outside working hours. I was pondering everyday on what I really want to do aside from having my own business someday. I looked back to my previous projects to know which type of work really interests me and to know what I really want to do. And I just remembered when I took a part-time web development project. I remembered how enthusiastic and interested was I while doing it. At that point, I knew and decided that… I really wanted to be a Developer.

After few weeks, e-mails pouring to my inbox from the recruiters about the opportunities that I might like. But, only one of them offered a Web Developer position who is willing to accept me even if I am not an expert.  I immediately said yes and accepted their offer even I know of the risks of leaving the big and reputable IT company I was working at and of taking a completely different career path. Although the new company is not really an IT company, IT is really an essential part of their business. The working environment and the people seem perfect for me. I am really happy for taking the big leap and I’m not looking back to regret my decision instead I am very proud of what I have done. My manager is also happy with his decision of taking a risk of accepting a generalist like me.

Even my work now is really challenging and requires lots of thinking and researching, I am not feeling any stress. I am just enjoying it.

So, as a piece of advice to find a stress-free job,

  1. Know first what your really want to do
  2. Build-up your skills so when the opportunity knocks on your door, you are already to let it in your life.
  3. You have to look for it. Some maybe lucky that opportunity finds them without exerting any effort, but it feels more worth-it if you work for it. If we’re going to think it in a romantic way, this quote says it well. “Destiny is building a bridge to the one you love.”
  4. Don’t regret. Just always learn from your mistakes and failures.
  5. Enjoy life!


Lately, I am trying to read books of other genre aside from crime, mystery and philosophy. Again, I looked at Amazon best seller books with highest customer rating. One of these books is the “Blood Song” by Anthony Ryan. I also did check the reviews in and it has a rating of 4.65/5.00 which is pretty high. So I thought that this must be a really good book. Thanks to amazon for offering book sample which contains the first 3 chapters of the book. After finishing reading the sample, I immediately bought the full version at Amazon and it didn’t take me more than 5 secs to download it to my Kindle. (I love technology!) It has fast-paced storytelling, excellent characters, and amazing world that you wouldn’t want to put down your book or kindle. I even had migraine for continuous reading and even with the headache and dizziness, I still didn’t stop reading it.

This is the first epic fantasy book that i’ve read and i’m not disappointed. Another book has been added to my favorite books. It took me few days to finish reading it since I have work but my mind is always with Vaelin and the other characters of this book as I was trying to solve the mystery in my mind.

“An epic fantasy exploring themes of conflict, loyalty and religious faith. Vaelin Al Sorna, Brother of the Sixth Order, has been trained from childhood to fight and kill in service to the Faith. He has earned many names and almost as many scars, acquiring an ugly dog and a bad-tempered horse in the process. Ensnared in an unjust war by a king possessed of either madness or genius, Vaelin seeks to answer the question that will decide the fate of the Realm: …who is the one who waits?

Raven’s Shadow is the first volume in a new epic fantasy of war, intrigue and tested faith.” — Goodreads

Wool Omnibus

I am not actually into science fiction. I am more into inspirational, classic, history, suspense or mystery type of books. Until I found this book at I was just looking for a book for my kindle and just searched based on average customer rating. This book was on the top (1st? or 2nd?) of the list and after reading the positive reviews of the other readers, I downloaded the book sample which contains 1 or 2 chapters of the book. When I reached the end of the sample, I was looking for more. I was excited to know what will happen next and thank God I brought my pocket wifi that I was able to download the full version of the book and started reading it.

I was totally immersed in it and I love how hugh howey, who is the author of the book, introduced each of the main characters of the story and how he shift from one place to another. You will be shocked on the revelations on each chapter. The way the characters are presented is somewhat similar to Kafka on Shore, which is written by Haruki Murakami and also one of my favorite books. I definitely recommend this book.

Working Overtime

I remember when I was just finding my way to the IT world. One of the interviewer asked me, “do you mind working overtime?” and I answered, “yes, of course!” period and no more buts. Thank God, they hired me and sometimes when needed I worked overtime and I did not mind it at all as long as we could finish the tasks and the company would pay us. However, I think I still can count in my two hands the number of times I worked overtime when I was still in the Philippines. But when I came here to Japan, it is the other way around. There are less days that I went home on time.

In my country, Philippines, working overtime implies many meaning such as the following,

    1. You were not productive during the normal working hours
  • You or your boss submitted a wrong estimation of your task/project
  • You are not doing your job properly

So, if you don’t want to have a negative evaluation of your performance, you better not stay after the normal working hours.

However here in Japan, the thinking and culture towards working overtime is different. The later you stay at the office, the better for most of the companies. There is no negative implication associated with working overtime. Instead, they will think that you love your work and company and you are a hard-worker, etc etc.

It is a completely different way of thinking towards working overtime. I don’t think it is not wrong to work beyond normal working hours as long as it is critically needed and it is just for at most 1 month. However, working overtime from the beginning until the end of the project implies, in my opinion, lack of consideration and sensitivity towards the employees. A company should be sensitive enough to consider not just the physical health of his/her employee but also his/her mental and spiritual health. Once the mental health is ignored, it will affect not just his/her performance at work but also his/her body and so forth. Everything is connected so we should not think about the financial benefits of working overtime but the long term benefits of having work-life balance.

Disclaimer: these are just my opinions and i based them on what I heard and read so please correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks!

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Work and Marriage

Looking for a job is like looking for a partner.

Going to a Job interview is like going to a date.

Signing a job contract is like signing a marriage contract.

And, filing a resignation is like filing a divorce.